Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Nagasaki Japan



Master of the ocean, my closet’s the aquatic center
Feisty firearm, pistol with a violent temper
Mature palette, crab meat in the guacamole
Beggars at the bottom like to say the top is lonely
Keep my music raw just like my blue points
Each week I’m banging out new joints
It’s real dick, bottles in ice baths
Bitches with nice calves
Whole chrome toaster we might blast

MEYHEM LAUREN “Grown Man Pallets”


Now the old folks will remember
On that dark and dismal day
How their hearts were choked with pride
As their children marched away
Now the glory is all gone
They are left alone
And there won’t be many coming home
No, there won’t be many coming home
Oh, there won’t be many
Maybe five out of twenty
But there won’t be many coming home



Built an opera house for you in the deepest jungle
And I walked across its stage, singing with my eyes closed
I’ve got a love for you I just can’t escape
All of my love for you cuts me like barbed wire

“Cigarettes After Sex”

Ill Vibe

I got weight on my shoulders in the form of this beat
Ain’t nothin’ sweet, on the street, for good deeds I compete
Come on complete, and unique, so get back in your stance
We enhance and we’re playing the whole world circumstance
So do good in your hood even though you puff lah
Positive to comply

Don’t screw face and act rah
Progress, don’t fall back. We can’t have that
I’ll hold your hand, Black
We can’t wind up with scratch
I put my best foot forward as I play this life
‘Cause this world is bound to get ya like a double-edged knife
In the jam we regulate, ’cause we organize
Logic-a-lly thinking when along’s enterprise
A lot of brothers from the ghetto got the gift of gab
Peace to the West Coast and the East, we fab
Need I make mention that the crew we’ve got
Make things get hot, like the FoFo shot. Blaow!
No, we don’t promote no guns, but don’t turn that cheek
In the world that we live, kindness is viewed as weak
So, we got to stay on point for all these lizards and snakes
Some of them come as friends; some of them come as Jakes
We decipher all the frauds and build grounds with our friends

Why’s that? So we can live right until time ends
Yo, why’s that? Amalgamate, so we can get these ends
Yo, true that


Lady On Way

To the late Eve, none of this is make-believe
I breathe some of the most powerful lyrics of our century
Battle physically, conquer mentally
Essentially, you’re dealing with a Mecca affair
So anywhere you wanna go y’know, I’ll take you there


Toy Soilders

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down, like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart
We never win but the battle wages on for toy soldiers


Cold World

Babies crying, brothers dying, and brothers getting knocked
Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down
In this cold, cold world “GZA”

It’s a cold world we live in. Freeze in, believe in, spread disease in, kill in, laugh in, cry in, love in, our souls are dyin, souls turned ice blue cryin. Tears crawling down the skin. Empty as the persona tin man living in a fake wonderland. Slavin, doin flips, hand stands.  The freeze tastes bitter, eyes sealed, frozen, lost the feeling in my mouth, barely a single chatter. It’s a cold world we sin in.

Rap Music and a Japanese Temple

Homies don’t do the research to understand the grey poupon. These fukers spending all day shopping on Groupon, c’mon. Start by listening to common, get some sense through to the membrane, before its lost, gone insane. Be real with yourself, check yaself, skip a few chapters to the illdelf, understand the roots of this game. It’s not about pretty make-up, flashes and fame, earn a buck and dash? Get your business straight before you get rocked by a fella, Dame. But it’s not so weezee. Feed the soul with de la la la. Kill it slowly with the Fugees.

It’s a quest, trekking new territories, low-end tribe theories. Remix format, new age cats, Ratatat. Don’t be a MF, listen to MF, listen to the booms, the baps! basslines, layered snare slaps! from finesses mp, go mad with ad libs, from madlibs 303, jams that make you def, the geniuses sword is mental, an education of a multi-perceived emcee. Become a master, every card you play should be a spade of aces. Sitting at your desk, open Chrome, enjoy the ride, it’s the INC… enlighten the dome. Don’t be konfused by the organized 808s that came before Omari’s heartbreaks.

Ya Playin’ Yaself

Disposable. Talk the talk, get your deals on paper, mother fuckers quick to betray, swaying both ways. What is said fades, all spoken facades, trading bonds for Palisades? Memory break down, fake ass clowns. Multiple faces, a long bloodline of bitches, genome has snitch traces. They don’t understand basic mental layers, blinded, cutting themselves short. Brains underdeveloped, quit by default, aborts, easily corrupted.

Record the convos, avoid the Broadway shows, A grade class clowning hoes. Be prepared, send multiple a volume of blows. Silence them, block the ventricular, bleed them out, the scent sends for hungry crows, a feast on blood river rd. Hear the slow cries, play back the many lies, breath cutting in and out. Existence is forgotten, words plenty rotten, decaying with the life of maggots, flies.


Lost and unstable, demented mentality, 404 errors, definitive fable. Last horse in the race, last to move out the gates. Stuck in subliminal crime state, learned to depart from desolate times. Still alive, aware of the devil’s live bait. Running, being whipped into a bitches mate, nails hammered into the hoofs, encrypted tears, pain, a diminishing heart rate. The worth of a mans pay date, the spectacular gamble is just another payday. A painted flat white line waiting for deaths cross of fate.

Who is Jack Purcell

Jack Purcell was a Canadian athlete who smashed birdies flying through the air for a living, winning several prestigious awards including the 1933 world Badminton championship. That neat signature Converse smilie has a new friend, Lunaron. What a pair.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a fascinating period, witnessed the transition from hand written mail to the digital touch dial. Watched the manipulators on cherry oak box tubes become thin screens, digital channels, YouTube streams. Gasoline filled whips, skies filled with carbon monoxide, integrated tech introduces the hybrid ride, now were cruising the full electric side. Maybe one day, h2o with the chloride. Why, cause it’s what helps the blood flow, an era of artificial intelligence control.

Gone are the days of petrol. Observe there’s a new kid on the block on patrol. Synthetic minds with moods, methods, and schematic tactics of all kinds. Computerized automated soul. When they take over, might need to retreat to the rhines, off the grid lines. There will lie the days to appreciate sun sets, archived moonshine, back to basics, grow crops under Gods light, waterfalls and sunshine, break bread, wine, draw close to Jesus as he heals the blind. Learn wisdom, refine metaphors and the rhyme.

A world of evolved rebels against the encrypted, or are they saints judged by critics. Crptics. It’s a new era of war, their brims cover their eyes, digital spies, cracking codes, vigilantes hiding in incognito modes. Computerized man vs man, created by man’s hands, flawed and emotionless. Praying on man’s weaknesses, lazinesses. Pray for man’s intelligence to have faith. Witness machines making decisions, their moves are precise same as their siblings, surgical robotic incisions, macro precision.

Mass data on you retained, through your phones, pcs, legal small print, collected and contained. Artificial intelligence is dissecting your life piece by piece, flipping your life inside out, your private life deceased. Monitoring every little detail, especially what lies between the crease, fatal man made non-fictional tale.

Glazed Maze

Fools gazing me, fools gaze doesn’t faze me. Head space make believe, watch their moves, sugar glaze plots. Pawns shifting walls to maze you. Words, actions fugazi, Hillary tactics, hard to read, manipulated, deceive, cover up, question the story of Benghazi. Makeup and make believe, cover girl story, wake up, demfukuz lying through their teeth. Look into their eyes, authentic cronies addicted to lies, life dilated. Hiding in the cracks between the silver lining, reciting movie plots as their own, faking jaxs, brutal Brutus and his team of schemes, taking Caesars rightful throne.

Faking knowledge, do the research like Naudwuar, that finger tip power, Chrome. Wait, watch the loops, fake facts. Always three sides to the story, but political interest say it’s all based on the majority. Grim future, cloudy clownings of societies in disarray, Lucy’s savoring the evolution of the world’s decay.

Catch them folks when their plans get lazy. The only truth they’ll have left is the death of their raided glory. Pace of life is moving quick, chase it down. Family structures abominated, three dad’s and a parrot, can’t fuck with the carrots. All spread through social media share its. Spoken and spread through the fainted man leashed on ties. Recognize the patterns, watch those flaky maggot flies laying eggs in your shit, faking-it.


Intake influence from Lamar’s bars, the album’s got precedence on my players list, Gods presence, he’s an artist on my layers list, prayers list, figure of speech presence, minds lit, incandescence. Next up a top dawg is in Q, he’s ill, he’s Groovy. Rocks rhymes with Jay, and their rhymes kill it, modern slang slay it.

Water flows of words on heavy breaks, into these complex thoughts, sailing into the malice dark states, still darkness cold lakes. The stories of struggling daily, death, drugs, violence, crime, all happening this life, this time.

There’s a dangerous influence coasting these streams. Need to wake up for God’s sake, in the end, it’s all that matters. As night falls, the abyss lurks, it’s glossy black, shimmering, inviting bliss, reflections of Lucy, images tainting reality, the dark shadows covertly masking my eyes, convinced by fallacy. An addictive toxin, in need of oxygen.

Signs of confessions none, collection of sins-many. Control machine, an army of programmed sinning Sims, night club light beams, internet lust streams. Entertainment tainting the control center, alternating goals, careers, greed, mansion dreams. Break bread, scheme, listen to c.r.e.a.m on how to recruit creme.

The day starts, wake up, following a system, go to school as a teen, use my allowance on potent hydro green. Listen to hip hop, learn the word zeen, sound like seen. Still use the word, seen. Eyes bloodshot, temple unclean. Influenced others, made bonds, made close brothers. Now learning about the trigger, protect the team. Signs of Jesus, but still blaspheme. Young passionate anger, asking why? No answer, Yet. I hear something, something beyond sonics.

Basic Units

Cells, the basic units of life. Studied by scientists under the microscopic tech, sterile knives. This is considered Science? Another one of faiths defiance. The complicated balance of having one another, a love-hate relationship, bonds similar to a mother, father, brother. Reminds me of cellmates, locked up, confined, counting the remaining time. Fated together in the same room, where does the future lead, bloom? or the death sentenced doom?

Life’s wonderers, ponderers, explaining ideas through double entendres. Complex to define, deeply engrained into the perception of the mind. Cells, the smallest unit of life, fighting a constant war against disease, cancer erosion, deadly, reflecting the image of the beast, made to divide and conquer, swelling tumors, the pain, mind playing games, resist the use of cyanide. Watch the gluttony, preserve the body, our physical anatomy. Consider what’s selected for the stomach.

Take time to eat and study botany crops, watch the heart rate drop. Arteries melt away with the cheese, grease built up cardiovascular disease. Make a change in habits, join the club of rabbits. Or the only fuzzy being seen is through sight. Age catches up with the weight, hair gone gray and white. Define moderate, enjoy a small treat on the sabbath.

Hong Kong Architecture

Roaming around New Territories I encountered a neat staircase. It was built to serve a couple of four story buildings and give access to a communal rooftop. These are old Tong Lau buildings that sit next to one another in Sham Shui Po. As you make the climb up the gritty spiral it splits into two directions, families living on each side. This staircase separates the buildings but was designed with slots to provide residents with shade, light and wind.

This is the only way to access the units. Installing elevators probably wasn’t practical for its time, and that kind of luxury comes with a price. With the limitation, a rare design took form. A design that is practical and considers the user.

In this condensed city, observing the little nooks lie simple considerations worth noting.

Mental Weave

Surfing a mental weave, as you travel through the thoughts, experience the retrieved, layers of difficulties conceived, misbeliefs, deceit, dreams to succeed. There’s a consistent message, to beware, to be awake and aware, talking and walking with care, with deliberation. The smoke thickens, bit by bit we’re being deceived. Received the word, embrace being saved. Your eyes will open, sharpen, cut through the thick deception of the evil built up within. Beware, indulging in toxins, resins, pills, random concoctions, the rickety illusions, you’ll simply perish in confusion.

Splash, it’s a wonderful world, full of subliminal, face to face sins. Watch out for the toxic wave that’s mended into the mental weave, the opinions of others often warm, little do you question, the bias are more like an infected snake in the form of a worm, malicious, on a conspired journey, underwater luring, alluring, existing itself before being conceived, without knowing you’re already self-destructing, drowning.

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Somatic presence, intelligence lacking, only brilliance is from the diamonds they see, gritless, crack knowledge far from the money tree, hearts and souls wisdom free. Take time to read, less time on greed, is this the western dream? Consume and breed. Family, calamity, insanity, profanity, humanity, visiting the infirmary. The world is lost, we’re paying the cost. Or is the world found, gaining knowledge through the nouns, pronouns, dumbfound?

As the flesh rots, my mind clear, letting God’s will steer. Observant of the days ahead, steadfast, the future, hopes are deteriorating, hearts close to flatline, life’s to short, infuriating, dead. The only way you can revive yourself is to study the book, with the words of life.

Dictate fate, create a castle mind state. Capture the deceit, page by page analyze it. Trap evil, demonize it, let it mull in its own fire. No time, our days move quick, can’t gamble with life, can’t let it come down to the wire, we talking about age, a rat in a cage, rage, savage, ravage, shit, we have to salvage lifes every stage. Conquer the somatic physical phase.

Nature of Way

Loss of sight, mentally look, our bodies form a cross, East, West, North, South, spread your arms, spread the word by mouth. Travel through the dimension of tribulations to understand thee. The Lord has blessed our moves, knowledge tree.

Call it the four points we dominate, that Satan tries to annihilate, he didn’t rule nor will he decide your fate. Submitting to his fine lies honors a stale checkmate.

To laugh about the nonexistent life after this, is a comedy itself, a death accompanied by hell self-dealt. An easy doing, without knowing, at this rate your mental state is making you self-defecate. What a shame to your ancestors, especially how you carry their last name. There’s no class in pretending to portray the image of top brass. Actions all ugly identifying you are relying on coincidences, dying to be accepted by the mass.

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Non-existent World Record

Skimming through the paperwork of your track record, you’ve placed zero. In other words, worthless and defective dear, you’re better regarded as non-existent. How did you get here? It’s clear you have lost your mere way. Quick, swallow your pride, you dick and take this map as your guide. Hold on tight, climb back up that selfish, selfless, umbilical cord, hide.

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