Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Fade to White

Back to homework. Dim, for a moment, but far from dark. Let’s see what we curate over the stretch of months ahead. I’ll spend some time putting together photographs of different subjects and dive into ideas, some abstract, some less. And from time to time sneak in a thought on music artists.

On deck: Jay Electronica “I was lost in the jungle like Simba after the death of Mufasa, No hog, no meerkat, hakuna matata by day. But I spent my night time fighting tears back, I prayed and prayed and left messages but never got no hear back, or so it seemed. A mustard seed was all I needed to sow a dream. I build the ark to gently, gently, row my boat down Noah’s stream”.

Conveniently, Youtube has just distracted my music with an intermission(how creative). Made me look, now aware, is this a meeting point or trap?

Sound, an elaborate tool that enamors, confidently twisting perceptions, elevating the mind, pure and often deceptive. Knowing this, what can transpire.

Thrilless, walking, believing in the arks shadow, fade to white.