Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Nature of Way

Loss of sight, mentally look, our bodies form a cross, East, West, North, South, spread your arms, spread the word by mouth. Travel through the dimension of tribulations to understand thee. The Lord has blessed our moves, knowledge tree.

Call it the four points we dominate, that Satan tries to annihilate, he didn’t rule nor will he decide your fate. Submitting to his fine lies honors a stale checkmate.

To laugh about the nonexistent life after this, is a comedy itself, a death accompanied by hell self-dealt. An easy doing, without knowing, at this rate your mental state is making you self-defecate. What a shame to your ancestors, especially how you carry their last name. There’s no class in pretending to portray the image of top brass. Actions all ugly identifying you are relying on coincidences, dying to be accepted by the mass.

To live in the middle is to offend yourself, while you think you’re protecting others with your self-abuse, look no further, just to the future, it’s clear your heads in a hangmans noose.

There’s one life. Look at the fear in their face when asking for Gods grace, they’ve become sick without a cure, grim reaping into your ear, crying tears, whispering fears, consciously knowing deaths near.

Do you think it’s sincere when he spoke to you and didn’t hear? Chitter chattered and Jeered with mates, sneered arrogantly to the believer. Grip your respirator, yelp for help, shaking, indeed your last resort, charge the defibrillator. You’ll soon know your maker, the one whose made the coziest of fires for the forsakers, an innocent lamb becoming nothing but stank ass pig, processed bacterial ham.

Your mind lives in a world of collusion, confusion, horns protruding, deluding the very soul that you so feel you’ve controlled. You are a misled troll with a con, you’re in need of the meaning Jason.

It’s funny how people ask for Gods love, laying in their death bed and realise the cage of decaying age. Not knowing God grace as a sincere privileged. The wrath engaging the rage, your professing faithfulness to sacrilege.