Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised


Somatic presence, intelligence lacking, only brilliance is from the diamonds they see, gritless, crack knowledge far from the money tree, hearts and souls wisdom free. Take time to read, less time on greed, is this the western dream? Consume and breed. Family, calamity, insanity, profanity, humanity, visiting the infirmary. The world is lost, we’re paying the cost. Or is the world found, gaining knowledge through the nouns, pronouns, dumbfound?

As the flesh rots, my mind clear, letting God’s will steer. Observant of the days ahead, steadfast, the future, hopes are deteriorating, hearts close to flatline, life’s to short, infuriating, dead. The only way you can revive yourself is to study the book, with the words of life.

Dictate fate, create a castle mind state. Capture the deceit, page by page analyze it. Trap evil, demonize it, let it mull in its own fire. No time, our days move quick, can’t gamble with life, can’t let it come down to the wire, we talking about age, a rat in a cage, rage, savage, ravage, shit, we have to salvage lifes every stage. Conquer the somatic physical phase.