Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Mental Weave

Surfing a mental weave, as you travel through the thoughts, experience the retrieved, layers of difficulties conceived, misbeliefs, deceit, dreams to succeed. There’s a consistent message, to beware, to be awake and aware, talking and walking with care, with deliberation. The smoke thickens, bit by bit we’re being deceived. Received the word, embrace being saved. Your eyes will open, sharpen, cut through the thick deception of the evil built up within. Beware, indulging in toxins, resins, pills, random concoctions, the rickety illusions, you’ll simply perish in confusion.

Splash, it’s a wonderful world, full of subliminal, face to face sins. Watch out for the toxic wave that’s mended into the mental weave, the opinions of others often warm, little do you question, the bias are more like an infected snake in the form of a worm, malicious, on a conspired journey, underwater luring, alluring, existing itself before being conceived, without knowing you’re already self-destructing, drowning.

Take a breath, the stress to overcome is immense. All the tangles, the tension-anger, emotions intense, think-lost angels, reject third eye star-studded triangles. Consume the messages in a deep sea of wants, the materials glimmer, shine, call my name, comfortably taunts. The devious leaders got a hold on this game, he’s been measuring the size of our weak mental frame, keep the eyes wide that guide our way, shut out the fad locks and money chains. Remain in faith, we’re forgiven, for us, he’s endured the trials, tests, and pain.

Lost in what’s weaved, believe, use the time given. The message of the enemy is disguised in many shapes, for one, the idea of man evolved from apes. One of the most creative stories, like the man in the red cape. Mr. Ancestor ape, how has my inspiration, motivation, mental cognition come to fruition? Deny and defy, assume doom. Travel with the camel through the eye of the needles, you’ll rid your soul from a torching tomb, or decay away with the roaches and the beetles.

Protect the mental fabric, be saved and surrender, surf beyond this weave, don’t give into the lies. Beware of the souls that are tormented forever, all you’ll hear are eternal cries.