Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Basic Units

Cells, the basic units of life. Studied by scientists under the microscopic tech, sterile knives. This is considered Science? Another one of faiths defiance. The complicated balance of having one another, a love-hate relationship, bonds similar to a mother, father, brother. Reminds me of cellmates, locked up, confined, counting the remaining time. Fated together in the same room, where does the future lead, bloom? or the death sentenced doom?

Life’s wonderers, ponderers, explaining ideas through double entendres. Complex to define, deeply engrained into the perception of the mind. Cells, the smallest unit of life, fighting a constant war against disease, cancer erosion, deadly, reflecting the image of the beast, made to divide and conquer, swelling tumors, the pain, mind playing games, resist the use of cyanide. Watch the gluttony, preserve the body, our physical anatomy. Consider what’s selected for the stomach.

Take time to eat and study botany crops, watch the heart rate drop. Arteries melt away with the cheese, grease built up cardiovascular disease. Make a change in habits, join the club of rabbits. Or the only fuzzy being seen is through sight. Age catches up with the weight, hair gone gray and white. Define moderate, enjoy a small treat on the sabbath.