Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised


Intake influence from Lamar’s bars, the album’s got precedence on my players list, Gods presence, he’s an artist on my layers list, prayers list, figure of speech presence, minds lit, incandescence. Next up a top dawg is in Q, he’s ill, he’s Groovy. Rocks rhymes with Jay, and their rhymes kill it, modern slang slay it.

Water flows of words on heavy breaks, into these complex thoughts, sailing into the malice dark states, still darkness cold lakes. The stories of struggling daily, death, drugs, violence, crime, all happening this life, this time.

There’s a dangerous influence coasting these streams. Need to wake up for God’s sake, in the end, it’s all that matters. As night falls, the abyss lurks, it’s glossy black, shimmering, inviting bliss, reflections of Lucy, images tainting reality, the dark shadows covertly masking my eyes, convinced by fallacy. An addictive toxin, in need of oxygen.

Signs of confessions none, collection of sins-many. Control machine, an army of programmed sinning Sims, night club light beams, internet lust streams. Entertainment tainting the control center, alternating goals, careers, greed, mansion dreams. Break bread, scheme, listen to c.r.e.a.m on how to recruit creme.

The day starts, wake up, following a system, go to school as a teen, use my allowance on potent hydro green. Listen to hip hop, learn the word zeen, sound like seen. Still use the word, seen. Eyes bloodshot, temple unclean. Influenced others, made bonds, made close brothers. Now learning about the trigger, protect the team. Signs of Jesus, but still blaspheme. Young passionate anger, asking why? No answer, Yet. I hear something, something beyond sonics.