Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Hong Kong Architecture

Roaming around New Territories I encountered a neat staircase. It was built to serve a couple of four story buildings and give access to a communal rooftop. These are old Tong Lau buildings that sit next to one another in Sham Shui Po. As you make the climb up the gritty spiral it splits into two directions, families living on each side. This staircase separates the buildings but was designed with slots to provide residents with shade, light and wind.

This is the only way to access the units. Installing elevators probably wasn’t practical for its time, and that kind of luxury comes with a price. With the limitation, a rare design took form. A design that is practical and considers the user.

In this condensed city, observing the little nooks lie simple considerations worth noting.

Mental Weave

Surfing a mental weave, as you travel through the thoughts, experience the retrieved, layers of difficulties conceived, misbeliefs, deceit, dreams to succeed. There’s a consistent message, to beware, to be awake and aware, talking and walking with care, with deliberation. The smoke thickens, bit by bit we’re being deceived. Received the word, embrace being saved. Your eyes will open, sharpen, cut through the thick deception of the evil built up within. Beware, indulging in toxins, resins, pills, random concoctions, the rickety illusions, you’ll simply perish in confusion.

Splash, it’s a wonderful world, full of subliminal, face to face sins. Watch out for the toxic wave that’s mended into the mental weave, the opinions of others often warm, little do you question, the bias are more like an infected snake in the form of a worm, malicious, on a conspired journey, underwater luring, alluring, existing itself before being conceived, without knowing you’re already self-destructing, drowning.

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Somatic presence, intelligence lacking, only brilliance is from the diamonds they see, gritless, crack knowledge far from the money tree, hearts and souls wisdom free. Take time to read, less time on greed, is this the western dream? Consume and breed. Family, calamity, insanity, profanity, humanity, visiting the infirmary. The world is lost, we’re paying the cost. Or is the world found, gaining knowledge through the nouns, pronouns, dumbfound?

As the flesh rots, my mind clear, letting God’s will steer. Observant of the days ahead, steadfast, the future, hopes are deteriorating, hearts close to flatline, life’s to short, infuriating, dead. The only way you can revive yourself is to study the book, with the words of life.

Dictate fate, create a castle mind state. Capture the deceit, page by page analyze it. Trap evil, demonize it, let it mull in its own fire. No time, our days move quick, can’t gamble with life, can’t let it come down to the wire, we talking about age, a rat in a cage, rage, savage, ravage, shit, we have to salvage lifes every stage. Conquer the somatic physical phase.

Nature of Way

Loss of sight, mentally look, our bodies form a cross, East, West, North, South, spread your arms, spread the word by mouth. Travel through the dimension of tribulations to understand thee. The Lord has blessed our moves, knowledge tree.

Call it the four points we dominate, that Satan tries to annihilate, he didn’t rule nor will he decide your fate. Submitting to his fine lies honors a stale checkmate.

To laugh about the nonexistent life after this, is a comedy itself, a death accompanied by hell self-dealt. An easy doing, without knowing, at this rate your mental state is making you self-defecate. What a shame to your ancestors, especially how you carry their last name. There’s no class in pretending to portray the image of top brass. Actions all ugly identifying you are relying on coincidences, dying to be accepted by the mass.

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Non-existent World Record

Skimming through the paperwork of your track record, you’ve placed zero. In other words, worthless and defective dear, you’re better regarded as non-existent. How did you get here? It’s clear you have lost your mere way. Quick, swallow your pride, you dick and take this map as your guide. Hold on tight, climb back up that selfish, selfless, umbilical cord, hide.

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Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Heavily packed streets, filled with girls, boys, men, women, riding their bikes grinding, transporting. Making ends meat, no faking. Horns and engines sounding away, surroundings natural, buildings, shops and traffic arrange in its own personal array, the gritty landscapes populated and stretches through its own beautiful decay. People doing what they know best, keeping busy, hustling on the streets, the stress is never easy. The strong will of mind, conquering the deal of the card, life’s moving mighty hastily. To the weakened heart, carry on, defy the hard.

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Fade to White

Back to homework. Dim, for a moment, but far from dark. Let’s see what we curate over the stretch of months ahead. I’ll spend some time putting together photographs of different subjects and dive into ideas, some abstract, some less. And from time to time sneak in a thought on music artists.

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