DECEMBER 3, 2016 The Select


“So much is going on in the world. The earthquake in Japan feels like a distant memory, even though peoples lives haven’t yet returned to normal.

Inspired by all the ways people were raising funds for disaster relief (a great group of posts can be seen at Spoon & Tamago), I decided to design a modest recipe booklet. It’s a collection of my favorite recipes from Humble Bean, plus 2 new ones. Even though you can access the recipes here, sometimes it’s nice to have it in book form. Maybe you have a friend who enjoys cooking? A friend who loves Japanese food? This is the perfect one-of-a kind handmade gift. ” Humble Bean  

You can find the details and purchase at my Etsy site. All proceeds will go to recovery efforts in Japan. “Humble Bean


  • Quick Japanese Pickles
  • Milk Misoshiru with Kabocha
  • Daikon and Scallop Salad
  • Pan Fried Gyoza
  • Chilled Tomato Somen
  • Shiitake and Bacon Pasta
  • Bacon and Shiso Fried Rice
  • Kuwayaki Donburi
  • Sukiyaki Donburi
  • Tuna and Avocado Donburi
  • Matcha Pancakes.


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