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I recently listened to an interview on Mirko Ilic.  He mentioned how he felt about bridges and the positive nature of them.  Bridges are one of those elements I’ve learn to take advantage of without appreciating the function and influence each one shares. Bridges are designed as an element that connects the dots forming a seamless flow, creating an energy that generates the obvious-productivity. Although it connects us from one place to another, it represents a sign of growth, hope, the future…    MORE »


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“After successfully selling out of Humble Bean’s first recipe booklet, I’m excited to announce a new collection of recipes, just in time for the holidays. The new features some my favorite recipes from the past year as well as new ones you won’t find on this site. I’ve made every effort to create a booklet that will be cherished by people who are interested in cooking Japanese food at home. These are not elaborate recipes, but personal favorites that are on regular rotation at my house. In other words, these are tried and true dishes my family loves. I designed and handcrafted each booklet with care, making it a unique compilation. Read on for more info and for the special giveaway!”  Asuza Oda

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 “Dust & Grooves is a photography and interview project documenting vinyl collectors in their most natural and intimate environment: the record room. Dust & Grooves maintains the integrity and history of vinyl, as well as the musical heritage that goes along with every record in these collections.

Dust & Grooves is the only project of its kind that documents vinyl lovers and their collections in this most intimate way. The project will continue to help preserve the integrity of vinyl records as well as the many colorful personalities that collect them. As technology moves forward and many music formats go digital, Dust & Grooves helps keep the rich, warm, analog life of vinyl spinning.”

 Dust & Grooves

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PSYOP TV // Bethesda “Dishonored Chapter One : The Awakening By Robin Nishio, Sam Ballardini, Jon Saunders, and Borja Pena.


Drawing from life is one thing, but drawing from memory is a totally different game. Drawing from memory is a difficult task because of the guess work involved and the doubt of accuracy, even if it were a simple square. Let alone a complete landscape (of NYC). Steven Wiltshire’s accuracy in reproducing drawings from memory is an awing experience to watch.

Dino Paxenos is a collector.  All of us are in many ways, but some take this title to a level that is deeper, sophisticated and rewarding. The process of collecting and the standard of filtering is not an automated task. Todays technological world has made those tasks less worthy of recognition. Being able to filter and measure standards can’t be automated. A computer doesn’t have the capabilities to decipher quality and tradition. Programs are incapable of describing sound, taste, feel. These are all still human perceptions that can be filtered and organized into forms of presentable content.    MORE »