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nocs NS400 - Freshly Diced

Update: Dec 2014

Gavio Prive: Returned item twice, replacements were provided but ended up with the same issue. 1.Earphone inclosure fell out (7 months use) 2. Replacement earphone faulty connection (3 months use)

Nocs NS400: Left earphone lost sound (9 months use)

When your into music, there seems to always be an itch to check out earphones. I recently came across a set that got me curious but never had the chance to pick them up.

I realized that when choosing a set of earphones reviewers rarely mention the devices/equipment they are using the earphones with.  Which makes a significant difference because of the power output in turn affecting the sound being produced.  MORE »


a-JAYS One - Earphones - Broken

Earphones a-JAYS One  – Poor Quality Build.

Speaking to customer service brought me back to the days of writing pen pals by snail mail… 20 years ago.

I bought these earphones a little over a year ago. The quality of the build is even worse then earphones built in the 90s. I can compare the build to a pair of $10 earphones at a convenience store.  At this rate your better off holding your phone/music players speaker like a ghetto blaster beside your ear and continue your day.

It really doesn’t matter how solid the actual earphone is if the connector is weak and destined to break or whatever the material is doing. Maybe the brand should spend less on packaging and more on the basics of earphone design- particularly the connector. Especially if your a industry player trying to build consumer loyalty. But I do like how arguably the most important part of the earphone nicely broke into the essence of a Pac Man.  Its good to know I’m the sucker left eating ghosts. Another addition to the Shit bin. Think twice.

***Paying for what you get, mainstream Monster replaced a defective product within 15 days addressing a concern I had with one of their products. Hat Tip. Reason for not addressing this faulty product, No receipt = No fix.


Well rounded earphones for my music collection, thanks to  Swedish company JAYS.  Their earphones hazed the competition in all aspects, gritty balanced bass (95db at 1hz), soft highs, noise isolating/canceling, compact design, flat/tangle free wiring, and nice packaging.    This is the entry model of many, more then a enough for my needs. MORE »