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Shell_Solid_Gold_Collection Shell_Solid_Gold_Collection2Shell Canada produced the Solid Gold Collection as a promotional tool to get consumers to pump gas at their stations due to the lack of dominance in the national oil game.  The cassettes are digitally mastered oldies/hits from different eras and released in 1988. They were sold at a discounted price when purchased with fuel at all Shell stations.  

I found Solid Gold Vol. 1-6 in practically  in new condition.  From what I’ve read there seems to be releases up to Vol.12.  The artwork and foiled type go well with the quality of tracks on the tapes. A weekend find that settled both of my creative and musical itches.  Art Direction by Robin Uchida.

If your interested interested in the full tracklist of The Solid Gold Collection Volumes 1-6. Please  send $5 by following the Pay Pal link below. You will receive your order within 24 hours in Adobe PDF format.


 “Dust & Grooves is a photography and interview project documenting vinyl collectors in their most natural and intimate environment: the record room. Dust & Grooves maintains the integrity and history of vinyl, as well as the musical heritage that goes along with every record in these collections.

Dust & Grooves is the only project of its kind that documents vinyl lovers and their collections in this most intimate way. The project will continue to help preserve the integrity of vinyl records as well as the many colorful personalities that collect them. As technology moves forward and many music formats go digital, Dust & Grooves helps keep the rich, warm, analog life of vinyl spinning.”

 Dust & Grooves



Everyday we find products, objects, music and art that is well thought out and executed precisely for us to use or see.  Pretty simple stuff, a pair of chopsticks, a pencil, or a chair.  These final pieces are simple, but thats only the surface of what we see.  Depending on how deep we search, though simplistic we find intricacy-beneath the surface.  Looking deeper we find a bit of influence, a bit of history, and an endless route that is everything but simple.  The surface is a formed extraction from the creator.  Does this ability to extract come from talent, practice or just ambition? All three have a purpose, and all of them have one thing in common, their range.  Their application has no ceiling, fixed category or subject.  Allen Yambao (Yams) has a mellow approach to living, an approach that allows these ranges to satisfy his itch and provides us with the Surface of his extractions, both visually & audibly.   MORE »


Track: Da Flow • Da Fat Cat Clique

As a fan of Jazzy, downtempo ambient sounds, it was a matter of time until AstroLogical streamed into my playlist. Looking further into the production I found a series of tracks under the name Living Fossils LP. Living Fossils is a collection of instrumentals containing clean basslines and  jazzy samples that flow a ripe melody in a Hip Hop essence. From East to West Canada, we connect with AstroLogical. MORE »