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Dino Paxenos is a collector.  All of us are in many ways, but some take this title to a level that is deeper, sophisticated and rewarding. The process of collecting and the standard of filtering is not an automated task. Todays technological world has made those tasks less worthy of recognition. Being able to filter and measure standards can’t be automated. A computer doesn’t have the capabilities to decipher quality and tradition. Programs are incapable of describing sound, taste, feel. These are all still human perceptions that can be filtered and organized into forms of presentable content.    MORE »

What do you do when you have an addiction? A habit that constantly taps your shoulder asking the same familiar questions, whens the next fix, where will I find it and how much of it will make it all better? Finding that consistent dose and reliable supplier is often a challenge. Some days easier than others. But when you find that source you’ve been looking for the endorphins take over.  Having an addiction to music is common, maybe it’s the appeal, the feeling.  Sifting though supplier after supplier, one that has been consistent and cleverly delivering my fix, producer Hannibal King. Connecting online, his collection showcases swift samples, clean hooks and mellow kicks. MORE »

Caterpillars are distinctly beautiful insects, crawling around with three pairs of eyes, multiple body segments and proudly known to chomp holes into leaves as their meals. But one of the most interesting characteristics of them all is their machine like appetite. A characteristic Libby has gotten to expose, with the slight difference of being carnivorous vs the typical herbivore pillar. Libby has made the search for tasteful creations part of her daily life love. Her fairly opinionated reviews on restaurants/bakeries/lounges will definitely give you a glimpse of her side of the world and what it has to offer.  Minus the wild eyes and the body of a caterpillar, her hungry appetite never ends. The world is Libby Margo’s leaf. MORE »


“So much is going on in the world. The earthquake in Japan feels like a distant memory, even though peoples lives haven’t yet returned to normal.

Inspired by all the ways people were raising funds for disaster relief (a great group of posts can be seen at Spoon & Tamago), I decided to design a modest recipe booklet. It’s a collection of my favorite recipes from Humble Bean, plus 2 new ones. Even though you can access the recipes here, sometimes it’s nice to have it in book form. Maybe you have a friend who enjoys cooking? A friend who loves Japanese food? This is the perfect one-of-a kind handmade gift. ” Humble Bean   MORE »


“As professional chefs, we are in constant search for the best designs and tools for cooking.  We are incredibly fortunate and thankful to be surrounded by the most talented people in the business in the world, and we are excited to collaborate with these folks, which brings you this store.  We are constantly evolving as a company and with our community, so we kindly ask for your feedback in order to serve you better.” Tosho Knife Arts Online MORE »


Everyday we find products, objects, music and art that is well thought out and executed precisely for us to use or see.  Pretty simple stuff, a pair of chopsticks, a pencil, or a chair.  These final pieces are simple, but thats only the surface of what we see.  Depending on how deep we search, though simplistic we find intricacy-beneath the surface.  Looking deeper we find a bit of influence, a bit of history, and an endless route that is everything but simple.  The surface is a formed extraction from the creator.  Does this ability to extract come from talent, practice or just ambition? All three have a purpose, and all of them have one thing in common, their range.  Their application has no ceiling, fixed category or subject.  Allen Yambao (Yams) has a mellow approach to living, an approach that allows these ranges to satisfy his itch and provides us with the Surface of his extractions, both visually & audibly.   MORE »


Fascinating individuals are always difficult to find, but with the ability to link through the internet it has increased the chances.  My attention span on the net is usually tenths of a second, one scroll down a page and I’m on to the next.  But theres is always the ones that break that habit.  Lined up one after another were photos of picturesque subjects that had a slight vintage touch to them.  A few million clicks later , meet Yanick Delafoge.   MORE »


Theres is a ton of food content floating online dedicated to providing reviews on spots to hit up, including glimpses of the menu through photos. is amongst the many sites, but the difference is the intel behind the site.  Shes dedicated herself to increasing the publics awareness to the importance of quality and the benefits of visual appeal in China’s developing dinning scene.  But other then that, if you die for soup filled dumplings, more commonly know as  Xiao long bao she knows a thing or two about them.  Canadian born chinese / Food & Fashion Loving designer : Sandy Ley.   MORE »

As a fan of Jazzy, downtempo ambient sounds, it was a matter of time until AstroLogical streamed into my playlist. Looking further into the production I found a series of tracks under the name Living Fossils LP. Living Fossils is a collection of instrumentals containing clean basslines and  jazzy samples that flow a ripe melody in a Hip Hop essence. From East to West Canada, we connect with AstroLogical. MORE »