Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Who is Jack Purcell

Jack Purcell was a Canadian athlete who smashed birdies flying through the air for a living, winning several prestigious awards including the 1933 world Badminton championship. That neat signature Converse smilie has a new friend, Lunaron. What a pair.

Glazed Maze

Fools gazing me, fools gaze doesn’t faze me. Head space make believe, watch their moves, sugar glaze plots. Pawns shifting walls to maze you. Words, actions fugazi, Hillary tactics, hard to read, manipulated, deceive, cover up, question the story of Benghazi. Makeup and make believe, cover girl story, wake up, demfukuz lying through their teeth. Look into their eyes, authentic cronies addicted to lies, life dilated. Hiding in the cracks between the silver lining, reciting movie plots as their own, faking jaxs, brutal Brutus and his team of schemes, taking Caesars rightful throne.

Faking knowledge, do the research like Naudwuar, that finger tip power, Chrome. Wait, watch the loops, fake facts. Always three sides to the story, but political interest say it’s all based on the majority. Grim future, cloudy clownings of societies in disarray, Lucy’s savoring the evolution of the world’s decay.

Catch them folks when their plans get lazy. The only truth they’ll have left is the death of their raided glory. Pace of life is moving quick, chase it down. Family structures abominated, three dad’s and a parrot, can’t fuck with the carrots. All spread through social media share its. Spoken and spread through the fainted man leashed on ties. Recognize the patterns, watch those flaky maggot flies laying eggs in your shit, faking-it.

Hong Kong Architecture

Roaming around New Territories I encountered a neat staircase. It was built to serve a couple of four story buildings and give access to a communal rooftop. These are old Tong Lau buildings that sit next to one another in Sham Shui Po. As you make the climb up the gritty spiral it splits into two directions, families living on each side. This staircase separates the buildings but was designed with slots to provide residents with shade, light and wind.

This is the only way to access the units. Installing elevators probably wasn’t practical for its time, and that kind of luxury comes with a price. With the limitation, a rare design took form. A design that is practical and considers the user.

In this condensed city, observing the little nooks lie simple considerations worth noting.