Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Ill Vibe

I got weight on my shoulders in the form of this beat
Ain’t nothin’ sweet, on the street, for good deeds I compete
Come on complete, and unique, so get back in your stance
We enhance and we’re playing the whole world circumstance
So do good in your hood even though you puff lah
Positive to comply

Don’t screw face and act rah
Progress, don’t fall back. We can’t have that
I’ll hold your hand, Black
We can’t wind up with scratch
I put my best foot forward as I play this life
‘Cause this world is bound to get ya like a double-edged knife
In the jam we regulate, ’cause we organize
Logic-a-lly thinking when along’s enterprise
A lot of brothers from the ghetto got the gift of gab
Peace to the West Coast and the East, we fab
Need I make mention that the crew we’ve got
Make things get hot, like the FoFo shot. Blaow!
No, we don’t promote no guns, but don’t turn that cheek
In the world that we live, kindness is viewed as weak
So, we got to stay on point for all these lizards and snakes
Some of them come as friends; some of them come as Jakes
We decipher all the frauds and build grounds with our friends

Why’s that? So we can live right until time ends
Yo, why’s that? Amalgamate, so we can get these ends
Yo, true that


Ya Playin’ Yaself

Disposable. Talk the talk, get your deals on paper, mother fuckers quick to betray, swaying both ways. What is said fades, all spoken facades, trading bonds for Palisades? Memory break down, fake ass clowns. Multiple faces, a long bloodline of bitches, genome has snitch traces. They don’t understand basic mental layers, blinded, cutting themselves short. Brains underdeveloped, quit by default, aborts, easily corrupted.

Record the convos, avoid the Broadway shows, A grade class clowning hoes. Be prepared, send multiple a volume of blows. Silence them, block the ventricular, bleed them out, the scent sends for hungry crows, a feast on blood river rd. Hear the slow cries, play back the many lies, breath cutting in and out. Existence is forgotten, words plenty rotten, decaying with the life of maggots, flies.

Who is Jack Purcell

Jack Purcell was a Canadian athlete who smashed birdies flying through the air for a living, winning several prestigious awards including the 1933 world Badminton championship. That neat signature Converse smilie has a new friend, Lunaron. What a pair.

Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Heavily packed streets, filled with girls, boys, men, women, riding their bikes grinding, transporting. Making ends meat, no faking. Horns and engines sounding away, surroundings natural, buildings, shops and traffic arrange in its own personal array, the gritty landscapes populated and stretches through its own beautiful decay. People doing what they know best, keeping busy, hustling on the streets, the stress is never easy. The strong will of mind, conquering the deal of the card, life’s moving mighty hastily. To the weakened heart, carry on, defy the hard.

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