Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Freshly Diced, idle-yet to be stale. Since the site started there’s been submissions from musicians, illustrators, and photoists. A collection of material with raw imperfect touches, straying far from refined. The fragmented and coloring of sounds, a distorted line designed with a purpose, the grainy pixelated picture, all nuances revealing a peculiar perception.

Photography will be the mantle and at our core is the imperfect, empirical photographer. The ambiguity of the pictures themselves will manifest a polarized scape. Embracing the lossless charm that unknowingly melds itself into the layers of static activity, walking through the worth of what’s sewn.


Give us an insight of your thoughts and work. A brief bio and link would do. We intend to build a collection of content to produce an annual photozine, if not sooner, given there is a significant amount of content.