Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Heavily packed streets, filled with girls, boys, men, women, riding their bikes grinding, transporting. Making ends meat, no faking. Horns and engines sounding away, surroundings natural, buildings, shops and traffic arrange in its own personal array, the gritty landscapes populated and stretches through its own beautiful decay. People doing what they know best, keeping busy, hustling on the streets, the stress is never easy. The strong will of mind, conquering the deal of the card, life’s moving mighty hastily. To the weakened heart, carry on, defy the hard.

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Fade to White

Back to homework. Dim, for a moment, but far from dark. Let’s see what we curate over the stretch of months ahead. I’ll spend some time putting together photographs of different subjects and dive into ideas, some abstract, some less. And from time to time sneak in a thought on music artists.

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