Freshly Diced

Peculiar Rasterised

Rap Music and a Japanese Temple

Homies don’t do the research to understand the grey poupon. These fukers spending all day shopping on Groupon, c’mon. Start by listening to common, get some sense through to the membrane, before its lost, gone insane. Be real with yourself, check yaself, skip a few chapters to the illdelf, understand the roots of this game. It’s not about pretty make-up, flashes and fame, earn a buck and dash? Get your business straight before you get rocked by a fella, Dame. But it’s not so weezee. Feed the soul with de la la la. Kill it slowly with the Fugees.

It’s a quest, trekking new territories, low-end tribe theories. Remix format, new age cats, Ratatat. Don’t be a MF, listen to MF, listen to the booms, the baps! basslines, layered snare slaps! from finesses mp, go mad with ad libs, from madlibs 303, jams that make you def, the geniuses sword is mental, an education of a multi-perceived emcee. Become a master, every card you play should be a spade of aces. Sitting at your desk, open Chrome, enjoy the ride, it’s the INC… enlighten the dome. Don’t be konfused by the organized 808s that came before Omari’s heartbreaks.

Ya Playin’ Yaself

Disposable. Talk the talk, get your deals on paper, mother fuckers quick to betray, swaying both ways. What is said fades, all spoken facades, trading bonds for Palisades? Memory break down, fake ass clowns. Multiple faces, a long bloodline of bitches, genome has snitch traces. They don’t understand basic mental layers, blinded, cutting themselves short. Brains underdeveloped, quit by default, aborts, easily corrupted.

Record the convos, avoid the Broadway shows, A grade class clowning hoes. Be prepared, send multiple a volume of blows. Silence them, block the ventricular, bleed them out, the scent sends for hungry crows, a feast on blood river rd. Hear the slow cries, play back the many lies, breath cutting in and out. Existence is forgotten, words plenty rotten, decaying with the life of maggots, flies.